Scramble Old School Tee
Scramble Old School Tee

Scramble Old School Tee

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When I was 14 I made a girl a double sided mix-tape. Side A was happy, Side B was sad songs. The curation of the tracks took me weeks and I had to wait for certain songs I didn’t own to get played on the radio, which required more patience than I’d imagine I was capable of at 14 years of age, had it not been for hormonal motivation. I gave her the tape after hanging out one evening after school, and eagerly awaited her feedback… confident in the knowledge that each track delivered a significant message that would culminate in her reaching the dizzy realization that she should be madly in love with me. When I next saw her I remember my hand shaking slightly and feeling a little bit sick in anticipation.

I asked her what she thought of the tape.

She told me it was “alright”.

I didn’t make any more mix tapes for girls after that.

This tee is 100% cotton with a water based ink, for soft hand feel etc. Regular fit, but if it’s too loose, just tighten it up by putting a biro pen through the hole and turning clockwise. Geddit?