The Arm Bar Soap Company - The Lava-Puhi Batch

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From the company that launched a movement within the jiu-jitsu community for high-quality and effective natural cleansing and antibacterial power - The Arm Bar Soap Company - comes their Lava-Puhi Batch, loaded with purifying Black lava rock salt, skin-clarifying Giant and Chocolate Awapuhi Zingiber strains from O'ahu, vitamin-rich Papaya juice and Taro root, detoxifying red clay from Maui (also known as Alaea, used to extract impurities from wounds), moisturizing Macadamia nut oil, an exfoliating blend of minced Maui lavender leaves and Kaua'i Medium roast coffee grounds, and a potent antibacterial/antifungal blend of Australian Tea tree oil and freshly ground Hawaiian Turmeric ('Ōlena.)

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