The Arm Bar Soap Company - The Lava-Puhi Batch

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We revisited our roots for our latest After-Training soap concoction - "The Lava-Puhi Batch". The soil of the Hawaiian Islands produces countless, optimal ingredients for cleansing grapplers - purifying Black lava rock salt was sourced from the Big Island and joins forces with a fresh blend of skin-clarifying Giant and Chocolate Awapuhi Zingiber strains from O'ahu. Organic, vitamin-rich Papaya juice and Taro root extract were also added along with a detoxifying red clay from Maui, also known as Alaea, which has been used for centuries in Hawaiian culture to extract impurities from wounds. A healthy amount of moisturizing Macadamia nut oil was then mixed in along with an exfoliating blend of minced Maui lavender leaves and Kaua'i Medium roast coffee grounds. This exotic creation is rounded off with a potent antibacterial/antifungal blend of our signature Australian Tea tree oil base and freshly ground Hawaiian Turmeric, otherwise known as 'Ōlena. Spread Aloha, not Ringworm.